Getaway Mini Home

Step into a world of comfort, convenience, and contemporary design with our all-new Furnished Mini Homes! With a smart 190 sqft layout, fully furnished interiors, and included home essentials, it's not just a home—it's a lifestyle revolution. Perfect for minimalist living, guest accommodation, or a chic home office, this versatile dwelling redefines compact luxury. Experience the future of sustainable, space-savvy living. Welcome to your dream tiny home!

Mini Homes: Reflecting Your World

Indulge in the unique allure of our Furnished Mini Homes, now featuring exterior walls made entirely of mirror. Seamlessly blending into any surroundings, these mirrored walls not only create a stunning visual impact, but also introduce a new dimension of space, making your compact abode feel incredibly expansive. Whether set amidst nature or in an urban backdrop, your tiny home becomes a living, breathing part of the landscape, reflecting the beauty of every sunrise, sunset, and the changing seasons. Experience a home that's not just about living, but about becoming one with your environment.

Embark on a Virtual Journey

Don't just imagine living in one of our unique mini homes - virtually step inside with our immersive VR tour! Available at the bottom of the page, this cutting-edge feature allows you to explore every inch of the home, from the innovative mirror walls to the cozy, fully-furnished interiors. Experience the sensation of space and the play of light, witness the high-quality furnishings and thoughtful amenities - all from the comfort of your current location. It's more than just a tour, it's your first step into a lifestyle that reflects your world. Dive in and start your virtual journey today!

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Price & What's Included?

Starting price - $33,000

House comes prewired and plumbing hookup ready.

Furniture and installation is not included in the price of the house.

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